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Summer Camp 2019

Each day will include games, nature exploration, art projects, gardening, visiting the animals and more! See below for available weeks and themes.

For students entering Kindergarten - 6th grade

Camp Day: 9 AM - 3 PM Daily (drop-off as early as 8 AM!)
Optional care from 3 - 5 PM for an additional fee. (Not available on Friday, Aug. 16)

[My child] woke up excited every day to go to camp and explore and learn more about animals and the forest!
— Camp Parent

July 29 - August 2
Forest Farm Superpowers

Wool-covered animals that stay cool in summer’s heat? Trees that live to be hundreds of years old? Insects that turn leftover food into rich soil? How do owls fly silently and just what is this echolocation thing that bats use? The forest farm is home to many creatures with amazing adaptations and special powers. We will explore these seemingly fantastical feats while playing games, developing our own superpowers and creating super nature art.

solar dye natural dyes.jpg

August 5 - 9
Forest Crafting

This week is full of nature-inspired creativity! We will explore all the ways we can create things both practical and beautiful from the forest and farm around us. With nature as our medium, we will craft botanical lip balms and lotion, make beeswax candles, weave with fiber from our animals and dye fabric beautiful colors using natural materials we gather. Amidst forest explorations, animal visits and outdoor games we will learn to sustainably gather materials while enjoying all that nature has to offer.


August 12 - 16
Bugs, Slugs & Soil

From slime trails to mud puddles, we might get our hands a little dirty this week! We’ll hone our appreciation for 6-legged and slimy creatures as we explore the forest floor, our farm garden, and the watery world of the creek. We will go on bug hunts, learn about helpful insects versus garden pests, make a worm compost bin, paint with dirt, make clay sculptures and visit the farm animals and discover what’s living in the creek.

After she came home from the first day of camp, she recalled each exciting activity with such enthusiasm that I said, “These are your people!” This is exactly where she needs to be to thrive!
— Camp Parent