The Nature Classroom at Cedar Dell

As we are getting ready to hold our first youth programs here at Cedar Dell Forest Farm, I want to share our beautiful classroom space with you. It's attached to the residence so it has easy access to all the amenities we may need during the day like bathrooms and a kitchen to make some delicious herbal tea to warm ourselves up in the winter. It has its own entrance, though, making it a cozy and welcoming space, as well as adding convenience to drop-offs and pick-ups for our youth programs.

Cedar Dell Forest Farm Nature Classroom.jpg

The Nature Classroom is almost 500 square feet with beautiful big windows that look out into the forest.

Cedar Dell Forest Farm Classroom Loft View.jpg

Half of the room opens up to a loft above and the high ceiling, along with the large windows, adds to a feeling of spaciousness. With a closet full of tables and chairs, the open space is easily customized to whatever project or class is taking place.

Cedar Dell Nature Classroom Cozy Corner.jpg

We have a cozy corner set up next to the cubby under the stairs. The electric fireplace adds additional warmth to the space and is safe for little ones to get close to. It's a great place for storytime!

Cedar Dell Classroom Cabinets.jpg

We have cabinets full of art supplies, birds' nests and other natural items to explore, guide books and all sorts of fun things to use during our youth programs. Having a sink, along with easy to clean floors, means we don't shy away from messy projects!

Cedar Dell Forest Farm Classroom Deck.jpg

A partially covered deck allows us to be close to nature even if the weather is rainy.

Cedar Dell Classroom Deck View.jpg

The view from the deck stretches out over 75 acres of public, forested land. It's home to deer, coyotes, frogs, snakes, woodpeckers, owls, just to name a few critters! It provides ample space for exploring and beautiful views to accompany our indoor activities.

Please join us for a program to see this beautiful space in person!