Youth Programs

Day-off Camps

Where: Cedar Dell Forest Farm

When: 8 AM - 5 PM* on days when school is out - holidays, in-service, conferences

Who: Kindergarten - 6th grade

Cost: $60 for 8 AM - 3 PM.
*Optional care from 3 - 5 PM for an additional $15/day.
Signing up multiple days or children? Receive an additional 10% off. Use code MULTIPLEDAYS at checkout.

During these fun-filled days we will explore the surrounding forest, play games in the meadow (weather permitting), visit the farm animals, create nature-inspired art, and more. We will spend some time outdoors whatever the weather and will warm up and stay cozy in the Cedar Dell classroom.

If you don't see a program scheduled for a day your child is out of school, round up some friends and contact us! We are happy to schedule a custom program for 4 or more children.

Spring Break Camp

Where: Cedar Dell Forest Farm

When: 8 AM - 5 PM* Daily, March 26 - 30, 2018

Who: Kindergarten - 6th grade

Cost: Single Day: $60 for 8 AM - 3 PM, Full Week for $250 (only $50/day!)
*Optional care from 3 - 5 PM for an additional $15/day or $65 for the whole week.

Each day will include games, nature exploration, art projects, gardening, visiting the animals and more! See below for daily themes.

Monday, March 26
Feathered Friends

Chickadees, owls, and woodpeckers - oh my! Through games and activities we’ll learn what makes owls fly silently, how woodpeckers avoid brain damage and why birds have different shaped beaks. We will even learn to speak bird language!

Tuesday, March 27
Flowers and Leaves

Spring is such a colorful season at Cedar Dell Forest Farm! We’ll go on a baby plant scavenger hunt, eat lunch under the shade of spring leaves (weather permitting) do some gardening, and plant seeds to take home. We’ll explore flowers by dissecting some to look at all the parts and learn how bees communicate to find the sweetest ones.

Wednesday, March 28
Wild Water

We’ll explore all the water at Cedar Dell Forest Farm, including puddles, marshy areas, and seasonal and year-round creeks. Where does the rainwater go? What lives in the creek? We’ll do some science experiments to learn how water travels underground, make sure our farm animals have fresh, clean water, and make beautiful watercolor art.

Thursday, March 29
Forest Legends

From gnomes and fairies, to clever raven and trickster coyote, there are many stories to be told about the forest. We will explore the forest looking for magical places and imagining how others interacted with the land long ago. We will build fairy and gnome homes and practice telling our own stories through art and play.

Friday, March 30
Animal Babies

Cuteness abounds! We’ll look and listen for signs of baby animals on the forest farm. We may find baby birds in the trees, tadpoles in the creek, and domestic animals on the farm. We’ll explore the many ways forest and farm babies grow, communicate, and are cared for by their parents. The day will include some some baby animal crafts and we may even build our own cozy bird nest!

Summer Camp

Where: Cedar Dell Forest Farm

When: 8 AM - 5 PM*, Mon. - Fri. See weeks below

Who: Kindergarten - 6th grade

Cost: Full Week for $250 (only $50/day!) Early Bird Discount Currently in Effect! $50 off!
*Optional care from 3 - 5 PM for an additional $15/day or $65 for the whole week.

Each week will include games, nature exploration, art projects, gardening, visiting the animals and more! See below for weekly themes.

July 30 - August 3
Amazing Animals

We share the farm and forest with a great diversity of animals! During this exciting week of camp we turn our attention to the furry, feathered, and scaly creatures around us. From the smallest worms in the worm bin to the furriest coyotes in the forest, we’ll learn how each is adapted to their environment. We will care for the farm animals, collect eggs from the chickens, track animals in the forest, go birdwatching, catch critters in the creek, tell animal legends and create lots of animal-inspired art. This week is perfect for the animal lover in your life and your camper will come away with an increased knowledge of species local to the Pacific Northwest as well as plenty of personal experiences with our farm animals.

August 6 - 10
Wild Living

The forest is a bountiful resource that will be the focus of this fun-filled camp. We will build shelters, make delicious snacks from berries and other wild edibles, bring fire to life, share legends and myths about the Pacific Northwest, learn to navigate through the woods and observe the animals with whom we share this place. We will create art with natural pigments, and learn skills such as wool carding and rope-making. Through activities, scavenger hunts, games and stories campers will come away from this week with a deeper connection to the natural world.

August 13 - 16
Water Adventures

Water is life! From the damp, shady forest to Kelly Creek, we will explore all things wet and wild this week. The creek is home to many species that we’ll explore while we also become research scientists and conduct tests to see if it’s healthy. We will build boats, look for frogs, make sure our animals and garden plants have fresh water, paint with watercolors, and cool off with some wet and wild games. Your camper may get a little wet this week but will also come away with a greater understanding of how our little creek connects with the larger bodies of water in our region and a respect for the importance of taking care of this resource.

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Adult Programs 

Intro to Eco Printing Workshop

Where: Cedar Dell Forest Farm

When: 10 AM - 2 PM, see upcoming dates below

Participants will learn the basics of eco printing and will create their own silk scarf, naturally printed with local leaves. This is a 4 hour introductory course. Students will go home with a materials list as well as instructions and tips to experiment more with the eco printing process at home.

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indigo edge scarf detail.jpg