Cedar Dell Forest farm is home to many creatures. We love the wild ones who visit our fields and forest as well as those who have a permanent home here.

At Cedar Dell we value caring for and preserving the health of the natural ecosystem and have chosen to leave the forested portion of the property intact. This leaves a small space for raising livestock and growing food so our animals are chosen with great intention.


Bluefaced Leicester Sheep

Bluefaced Leicester (pronounced lester) are a breed known for their friendly and inquisitive personalities. They are considered a longwool breed and their fleece is very soft and sought after by handspinners and fiber artists, like those of us here at Cedar Dell! Their wool grows is tightly purled locks that grow to 3 - 6 inches long.They are called bluefaced because of the blue-gray colored skin on their faces and ears. They don't produce wool on their faces so the skin color shows through their short fur.

These ladies are named Rose and Rhonda and love eating grain and peanuts from our visitors' hands!


French Angora Rabbit

We chose to add a French Angora to our fiber family due to their amazing wool and docile personalities. Bramble, our French Angora, is a friendly and fun-loving rabbit. French Angoras are a large breed but Bramble's size is still mostly due to fur! Angora fur is called wool and can grow up to 6 inches long each year. It is incredibly soft and can be spun into yarn to create clothing and accessories. Wool is collected either by giving Bramble a haircut, or gently plucking loosened fiber while he is molting.

Bramble loves being held but his personality really comes out when he runs and leaps into the air.


Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

This little guy is named Happy Waffle and he only weighs a few pounds. He is a mellow rabbit and is often content to sit on a lap and be petted. He's a great education rabbit and children love his small size and comparing his "normal" fur to Bramble's wool.


House Pets

Peedie the cat, as well as our family's two friendly dogs, spend most of the time inside with the family. Visitors aren't likely to interact with the dogs, though Peedie is often out and about enjoying the fresh air.



Honey Bees and chickens will be arriving to Cedar Dell Forest Farm in 2018 and then our farm animal family will be complete.